A Professional Resourcing Solution - dependable, timely and cost effective.

We partner your business to understand and deliver.

Meeting you will help us to gain a detailed and thorough understanding of your role, your business, current and future aspirations, culture and strategic direction. Armed with this information we then explore why your role and company would be attractive to your target candidates, who will be high calibre individuals who may not be actively looking for a new job. We then represent your business by enticing them to want further explore giving you access to the talent "in the market" not "on the market" and offer you assistance throughout the entire recruitment process.


  • Initial telephone call to understand your requirement(s)
  • Meet with your Consultant, who will run and deliver your search
  • Define the role specification in detail at meeting
  • Define the candidate specification in detail at meeting
  • Explore and understand how we can promote your business and why the role is attractive
  • Outline our process



  • Original research to identify target companies
  • Approval of target companies by client
  • Identification of target candidates within target companies
  • Approval of target candidates by client

By operating as generalists we are able to offer our clients access to all potential candidates across a diverse range of industries.

A specialist recruiter can NEVER offer this as many of the businesses they should be targeting for your role will never appear on their target lists.

If they specialise, they already recruit FOR your competitors and therefore cannot recruit FROM them.

A specialist simply cannot approach all of the best candidates.



  • Initial discreet approach to each target candidate
  • Promoting your company and the benefits of the opportunity


We take the time to explain to you why those candidates who don't make it to the next stage are either unsuitable or not interested.



  • Initial in-depth telephone screening
  • Full face-to-face behavioural and competency interview

We assess potential candidates against your requirements to ensure the best fit from a cultural point of view, as well as from a skills and experience perspective.



  • Full CV and interview reports provided for each recommended candidate
  • Full package details provided for each recommended candidate
  • Full support during the interview and offer process

At this stage we have completed industry searches and can make our shortlist recommendations.

Each candidate has undergone a multi-stage interview and screening process.



Professional Resourcing Solutions Ltd. offer proactive and consultative recruitment services to organisations looking to hire talent.


We are experienced in partnering businesses, working closely with hiring managers and HR professionals to provide guidance and support throughout the entire recruitment cycle.


We are fully trained in the use of pyschometric testing, profiling and analysis, competency and behavioural interview techniques and work extensively to build our network of talented individuals who would be open to hearing about exciting opportunities.


Our approach has dramatically reduced time to hire and has resulted in our clients having a much wider view of the market and what is available to them.


Our clients, have benefited greatly from using our unique proactive approach, which provides a refreshing alternative to existing recruitment practices and allows us to offer you a better tailored, more personalised and extremely reliable service. We can thus ensure that we give you access to talent in the market specific to your recruitment needs.


We are able to competently identify and introduce talent to any business in an efficient and timely manner to see how we could partner you and resolve your recruitment issue please Contact us



We're always happy to provide any additional information about our services Info@professionalresourcing.co.uk or Contact us.


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